Amalia van der Westhuizen

Guitar Lecturer NWU
UOLM (Guitar) (Unisa)

Amalia plays on the:
Double Top Spruce & Spruce Hauser

" I am very proud to say that not only do I own the very first Berg guitar, but also recently became the proud owner of a second one.

The first guitar after all these years of many playing hours continue to surprise me with a wonderful warm tone, easy action and good volume. It is a concert classical guitar with spruce top.

For my second guitar I made it very difficult for Hans, with specifications like Flamed Maple back and sides, mother of pearl inlays and African blackwood inlays and purfling..a beauty which even Tárrega would have been jealous of.

It is a concert classical guitar with a double top spruce soundboard and it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship with perfection to detail as just Hans could do it.

As he is my brother I am immensely proud, and even though it could be misunderstood that I am bias in favour, no less, it is a certainty that I was part of Hans’s journey as a luthier from the very beginning up till now.

To achieve what he did was by working very hard, being very passionate, persistent, imaginative and with a deep sense of gratitude for his given talent.

All this come out in the soul of his guitars."

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